DirectWare® Certified Processes

DirectWare® mortgage software solution will reduce your overhead costs and free up your staff to generate more revenue. DirectWare can order, validate, and certify most any necessary step to prepare your loan file for underwriting, closing, and funding. The technology will also help each loan file maintain regulatory compliance throughout the entire loan cycle.

DirectWare® certified processes:

  • Credit Reports.
  • AVM (Automated Valuation Model Property Value Report).
  • Tax Transcripts.
  • Identity Authentication.
  • Verification of Employment.
  • Verification of Income.
  • Verification of Deposit.
  • Verification of Assets.
  • Verification of Benefits.
  • Hazard Insurance.
  • Mortgage Insurance.
  • Title Commitment.
  • Appraisal.
  • Loan Payoff Statements & Updated Balances.
  • 24 Month Chain of Title.
  • Lien Check.
  • Borrower County Property Search.
  • County Property Tax Amount Search.
  • Public Records Search / Judgments.
  • Tax Service.
  • Flood Report.
  • Fraud Assessment.
  • High Cost Loan Review.
  • Legal Review (including federal & state loan compliance review).
  • Early Disclosures. Early disclosures are created and automatically filled out by DirectWare. Borrowers are able to eSign disclosures, allowing them to pay for the appraisal the same day they sign.
  • Closing Document Preparation.
  • Closing Disclosure.
  • Signing The Closing & Signing Service provides a closing at the title/escrow company, borrower’s home or other location designated by the broker.
  • Image Workflow (storage and instant image access).

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