Meet Brandon Tripp!

Brandon Tripp is a highly experienced mortgage loan officer with over 18 years of expertise in the field. As VP of Retail Sales with Direct Mortgage Corp., Brandon brings his extensive knowledge of every aspect of residential home loans to help clients achieve their homeownership goals. He is also licensed as a Principal Lending Manager with the Utah Department of Real Estate, ensuring that he is always up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and practices. Brandon is known for his commitment to providing his clients with honest, dedicated, and hardworking service. He takes pride in understanding each client’s unique financial situation and tailoring a loan solution that meets their specific needs. As a result, many of his clients have praised him for his professionalism and expertise. When not working, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife Lindsi and their three children. They are an active family who love to engage in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing, and boating at Lake Powell. Additionally, Brandon volunteers his time as a Little League Baseball coach and a Boy Scout Leader, giving back to his community and helping young people develop important skills and values. Overall, Brandon’s extensive experience, dedication to his clients, and commitment to his community make him a valuable asset in the mortgage loan industry.

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